Lush Weekly


Intergalactic bath bomb... Oh how I wish this one was not limited edition. Not only does it smell fantastic it also looks great. This is what the Lush website has to say about this bath bomb: An awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon color will send your mood rocketing, while [Read more...]

Lush Weekly


Here's another Lush product review: Sandstone Soap I am a huge fan of this soap, it has bits of sand in it, so it makes for a great body scrub as well as it having a great fragrance. I use it after work every day to help keep my hands nice, it helps remove any scratches I have received from [Read more...]

Lush Weekly – Space Girl bath bomb


I thought I might start a weekly post on all things Lush, I have really fell in love with their products. The idea is to post a weekly review on a Lush product I have tried and let you know what I think. I started last week by posting my first Lush review on my absolute favourite Lush item, see [Read more...]

Celebrate world Nutella day!


HAPPY WORLD NUTELLA DAY! For all the Nutella fans out there, here is how I enjoy Nutella. On a spoon on toast on toast with raspberries on top with mango on top of vanilla icecream it makes a wicked microwave mug cake (no time to make one, so will post recipe on a later [Read more...]

Pressed juice… final review


Now for the final 8 Pressed Juices... I apologise, I drank all of these juices without taking photos (I forgot, oops).   Green N0.2 Spinach, Cucumber, Lettuce, Celery, Kale, Parsley, Apple, Lemon. I couldn't say that I was the biggest fan of green juices, until I tried this one. [Read more...]

World Nutella day


I just found out today that February 5th is World Nutella day! I am a fan of Nutella, and I for one think a day celebrating it sounds fun :) I tend to be a bit boring when it comes to eating Nutella, its either straight on toast or straight from a spoon. I do however have some favourite ways [Read more...]



Last year I was introduced to Lush by a friend (I had seen the stores before but never used any of their products), I have become a Lush fan and regret not trying their products sooner. Not only do I love their products, I also love how they fight against animal testing and cruelty :) GO [Read more...]

Pressed Juices continued…


Here are the next few juices I have tried from Pressed Juices... See my original post here: Smooth Vitality Coconut water, strawberry, mesclum, banana, raspberry, blueberry, mint and chia seeds. Great combo, and they make a lovely thick [Read more...]

Pressed Juices


I went into the Pressed Juices store in Manuka ACT, and after taste testing a few different juices decided to take the plunge and I ended up purchasing 14 juices, 2 elixir's and 1 coconut yogurt parfait. I purchased the following: Greens No.2 Greens No.6 Earth No.2 Earth No. 4 Earth [Read more...]